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Beginner Courses

Spring 2017 Yoga & Qigong beginner courses.

Yoga for Beginners:
Spring Course: May 1 - June 26
Mondays @ 6:00-7:15pm.

8-week course $112/person.

For new students, anyone with physical limitation, or out of practice.
This course will walk you through all the basics of a well-rounded yoga practice.

     Basic Course Includes:
     * Natural breathing and basic alignment in basic poses. 
     * Move move slowly and rest between poses. 
     * Simple alignment instructions to increase your self-awareness.
     * Use of props and modify poses. 
     * Deep relaxation to end each class.

Pre-Registration required: 



Qi-Gong for Beginners:
Spring Series: May 6 - June 17 
Saturdays @ 10:45-11:45am.
Registration required. Six week series $90/person. 

George Nager, certified qi-gong instructor, will lead you through the basic forms of qigong. 
Qigong promotes wellness, enhances healing, and creates mindful movement.

About Qigong:
     * Qi-gong is done standing, but can be done in a chair. No special clothes needed.
     * The practice is gentle and anyone of any age or level of fitness can enjoy qigong. 
     * The movements are slow and meditative.
     * There is NO stress on the body or the joints.
     * Qigong is perfect for seniors or anyone with limited mobilty/stiffness or stress/tension.  
     * Guaranteed to give you serenity, peace and calm.

Series: $90/person
Registration required.




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