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Welcome to Prakasa Yoga Studio

We are ordinary people who practice, live and breathe yoga in every aspect of our life. There is nothing in life that is not yoga to us. Join our growing community of people dedicated to living life fully and vibrantly.

November: Prepare for Holiday Season

Friday, November 21: Restorative Yoga with Crystal Bowls*
Friday, December 5: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Concert
Friday, December 19:  Restorative Yoga with Crystal Bowls* 

Natural Immunity Seminar:
Now available as an MP3.
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Strengthen you and your family's healthy before Winter sets in. Learn about beneficial foods, herbs, soups, home remedies, essential oils and lifestyle practices that will boost your immune system. 


iLEAP: Into Life Empowered & Present 
Next Group Program Starts January 17, 2015
Take your lifestyle to the next level. Enjoy better diet, better energy, better moods, better you!!
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Valley Free Radio "Alternatively Speaking" interview with yours truly!!


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