Our programs provide effective tools to balance the stress of modern life. Regular practice will keep you strong, supple, centered, sane, happy and pain-free!

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Happy New Year !!
Recommit to your yoga practice, and ring in the new year at Prakasa.

Yoga is one of the best ways to "work out the kinks" 
be they physical tension, mental stress or spiritual emptiness.
You'll ejnoy more flexibility, ease, joy and more fun, when you get on your mat and move your body.

January 2018
We have a reduced class schedule this month while we are on retreat in Morocco.

View class schedule.

"Yoga for Beginners" Course
This course is the perfect way to get the new year off to a great start.
Course dates: January 15 - February 26 
6-weeks @ $96/person
Register Online Today.


Class Cancellations:
Call 413-268-7151
If class is cancelled, there will be a cancellation message.
If there is no cancellation message, all classes will be held as listed on our schedule.



Upgrade your health and wellbeing in 2018.
Here's how:
Schedule a Complimentary Consultation:

Create a vision of health, explore your health goals, issues, obstacles and 
get clear on the best path to heal your body or reclaim your vitality, naturally.

1) Younger As You Age  
Lose Unwanted Weight, Enjoy Deeper Sleep, Create Abundant Energy
Reclaim your health, sanity, and vitality -  without diets, drugs, potions or pills.
Schedule: Younger AS You Age Consultation

2) Pain-Free Living
Get out of pain and how to stay out of pain with a custom therapeutic yoga program.
Schedule:  Get Out of Pain Consultation


With our classes and services you will become:

Strong, Supple and Confident 
Our Yoga, Qi-Gong
& Mindful Fitness classes will help you move with ease and freedom.

Our bi-monthly teleseminars provide intelligent discourse on issues of health and aging. 
Bust outdated myths about aging and learn simple solutions to stay young and fit.

Soothed & Nourished 
Our cranio-sacral sessions, restorative yoga and sound healing events will help you
reset your nervous system, so you can enjoy more peace, calm, joy and balance.


Gift Certificates:
Available year round. Great birthday gift or mark a special occassion.
$60 gift certificate, good for one 4 class card.
$90 gift certificate, good for Yoga for Beginner or Qigong Course (6 wk).
$112 gift certificate, good for one 8 class card.
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