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2021 CLASSES: 
Classes are held via zoom, unless otherwise indicated.

Gentle Yoga Course: "Better Balance"
Spring Session 1: April 20 - May 25
Spring Session 2: June 1 - July 6
Lynne Paterson

In this gentle yoga series we'll focus on core, arrm and leg strength and improve balance. We'll practice balancing in a fun variety of ways - on two feet, one leg, one arm/one leg, etc. You'll develop resiliency and equanimity through motion. Complete practice with short meditation and deep relaxation to bring you to an inner state of wholeness.
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Prakasa Yoga:  (All Levels)
Wednesdays @ 6:00-7:30pm
ynne Paterson

This is a deeply and inwardly focused class for continuing students with at least two years of yoga practice. It is appropriate for students who have mastered the basics, are familiar with intermediate poses including inversions, and athletic students who wish to deepen their exploration of the inner workings of yoga with a meditative practice and pranayama (yogic breathing). Diverse sequencing and a deep dive practice.

~ Deepen, refine and strengthen your body with playfully serious poses.
~ Practice intermediate backbends, inversions and basic arm balances. 
~ In-depth alignment cues given to individual students. 
~ Build precision and grace.
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Prakasa Yoga: (All levels)
Saturdays @ 9:00-10:30am
Lynne Paterson

This energizing morning practice combines a wide variety of poses in a flow format. We often target a specific parst of the body or specific groups of poses to advance our practice. Energize Yoga is appropriate for students with a solid yoga practice, athletic students, and those who want to advance their yoga practice in a lively, active and fun yoga class.

~ Learn variations of familiar postures (standing, seated, twists, backbends). 
~ Challenge your practice with intermediate poses. 
~ Refine your practice with detailed alignment instructions. 
~ Introduce pranayama and meditation. 
~ Hands-on adjustments and partnered poses (optional).

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Private Group Classes: 
(Group Max: 6 people)
Gather your inner circle - close friends and family members to deepen your bond, 
build trust, enhance communication while having lots of fun.
~ Great for families, kids, teens, or co-workers.
~ Birthday party, wedding party, graduation, family celebration, retirement party.
~ Corporate gatherings, business groups.
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