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Class Cards:
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Yoga for Beginners
We offer Yoga for Beginners courses several times each year.
Registration is required. Please visit the course page for more details. 
Monday nights at 6:00-7:15pm. 

Public Classes:
Yoga Level 1: Advanced Beginner 
Appropriate for students with a basic practice (6 months) and those who've completed
at least one yoga for beginner's course.
~ Explore basic alignment principles. 
~ Expand your repertoire. 
~ Basic pranayama (breathing) and meditation. 
~ Hands-on assists provided.

Yoga Level 1/2: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate 
Appropriate for students with a solid yoga practice (1 year)
and those who want to advance their yoga practice.
~ Learn fun variations of familiar postures, 
~ Practice intermediate backbends and prepare for inversions. 
~ More detailed alignment instructions to refine your practice. 
~ Continuing pranayama and meditation. 
~ Hands-on adjustments.

Yoga Level 2: Intermediate+ and athletic students. 
Appropriate for students who have mastered intermediate poses.
~ Deepen, refine and strengthen your body with playfully serious poses.
~ Learn intermediate backbends.
~ Begin inversions and basic arm balances. 
~ In depth alignment cues given to individual students. 
~ Build precision and grace.

Qi Gong: No experience needed.
Appropriate for people at any level of fitness.
~ Gentle healing practice that everyone can do
~ Great for seniors or those with limited movement
~ Cultivate inner peace, gracefulness, mindfulness
~  Meditative - quiet your busy mind 
~ Strengthen internal energy (qi, chi, prana, life force) and heal yourself.

Core Fitness:
 No experience needed.
Appropriate for people of any level of fitness. 
~ Target main muscle groups with emphasis on increasing core strength. 
~ Set to music - class is fun, inspired and neighborly! 
~ Appropriate challenges: rest when needed, non-competative atmosphere.
~ Mats and blankets provided (stretchy bands shared). 
~ Please bring a stability ball and pair of hand weights.

Class Cards:
For class card prices and online purchases click here.
You may also purchase class cards in-person at our studio.

Private Classes:
A private group class may be arranged by request.
~ yoga for families, kids, or teens
~ birthday party or group celebration
Contact Us to arrange a private group class.


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