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Study healing yoga, meditation and qigong with us. You'll feel healthier and happier.


Restorative Yoga Winter Course:
January 13 - February 24
Mondays 6:00-7:15pm
6-Week Course: $96/person
Register Online by Jan 6
Lynne Ann Paterson, ERYT-500, certified yoga instructor


Learn the basics of a well-rounded restorative yoga practice in this entry level course. Restorative yoga is a very quiet, contemplative and nourishing practice. It's perfect for Winter when our energy reserves run low and our immune system needs a supportive boost. In every pose we'll support the body wittth ample props, so you can fully relax and restore your body, mind and soul.

You'll learn:
     * Natural breathing and inward focus.
     * Mindful movement and the transition between restorative poses. 
     * Simple alignment to help your body fully relax.
     * Use of props and modification of poses to accommodate your level of flexability.
     * Deep relaxation in every restorative pose.

       Please register online by January 6, 2020.

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Meditation Made Easy Course:

February 4 - March 24
Tuesdays @ 10am-12noon
8-Week Course: $200/person

Discuss and explore the arts of contemplation, intention, prayer, breath, focus and observation as vital aspects of a Universal Meditation practice. Each week, we'll introduce a specific technique to help you become more conscious of the contents of your body and mind, and how you can harness your energy and awareness to cultivate Awakened Consciousness. As the course progresses, we'll shift our awareness from the physical body and the five senses to the subtle energy body and energy centers (chakras). We'll help you define and navigate your way through your inner landscape, lead you into refined states of awareness where you'll access the deeper realms of existance and connect to the universal wisdom that lives within you.

"Humans are made of energy and awareness." ~ Deepak Chopra

When we skillfully unite the two main aspects of human design (energy & awareness) into One cohesive experience, our life will unfold in surprising and magical ways - ways that bring more peace, calm, love and joy into our day-to-day experience of being human. 



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Yoga for Beginners Spring Course:
       March 2 - April 20    
       Mondays 6:00-7:15pm
       8-Week Course: $128/person
       Register online by February 24, 2020. 

Learn the basics of a well-rounded yoga practice in this entry level course. Yoga for Beginners is perfect if you are: brand new to yoga, out of practice, or prefer a slow, gently paced class. Each course has a specific focus, so you can become familiar with each group of postures. Over the course of a year, you'll learn the most common poses and build a solid foundation to practice. When you're ready for more challenging poses, or a more athletic pace, you're welcome to attend our other yoga classes.

You'll learn:
     * Natural breathing and basic alignment in simple postures. 
     * Mindful movement and the transition between poses. 
     * Simple alignment instructions to increase self-awareness of body, mind and breath. 
     * Use of props and modification of poses to accommodate your body and create more ease.
     * Deep relaxation in every restorative pose.


Qi-Gong for Beginners Course:
George Nager, certified Qi-Gong Instructor
Saturdays @ 10:30-11:30am

Qigong is a proven form of self-healing from China, where it's used instead of surgery, acupuncture or medicine to heal illness and disease. Regular Qigong practice boosts the immune system, promotes health, balance, peace, balance, enhances mindfulness and speeds healing, no matter what is aliing you. Anyone, at any age or level of fitness can enjoy it. No stress is put on joints, blood and lymph circulate without breaking a sweat, and it's meditative.
No experience is needed. No special clothing is required, do dress comfortably.

You'll learn:
   * Level 1 Practice
     * Gentle, slow, healing movements done standing (or seated in a chair, if desired.
     * To coordinate movement with your breath.
     * The nine breath practice.
     * Brief meditation each week.

Qi-Gong is perfect for seniors, anyone wth limited mobility, or recovering from injury. It willl eave you feeling peaceful, serene and calm.

To Register: Choose a 6-week, 8-week or 12-week session.

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