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Course Schedule

We offer several Yoga for Beginner, QiGong For Health and Tantric Meditation courses throughout the year.

2017 Fall Courses:

Yoga for Beginner's:
Learn the basics of a well-rounded beginner yoga practice in this entry level course.
Beginner Yoga is suitable for you, if you are new, out of practice or prefer a gentle class.
Please register one week before the course starts.
     Fall Course Dates:
     Course 1: Sept 11 - Oct 30  (8 weeks)
     Course 2: Nov 6 - Dec 11 (6 weeks)
     Mondays @ 6:00-7:15pm. 

      Yoga for Beginner's course includes:
     * Natural breathing and basic alignment in simple postures. 
     * Slow movements and resting between poses. 
     * Simple alignment instructions to increase self-awareness.
     * Use of props and modify poses. 
     * Deep relaxation at the end of each class.
     Please register at least one week before the course starts.



Qi-Gong for Health:
Qigong promotes health, balance and wellness. It speeds healing and enhances mindfulness. 
George Nager, certified qi-gong instructor, will teach the Level 1 forms of qigong. 

     Fall Dates: Qigong resumes Saturday, September 2
     Saturdays @ 8:00-9:00am. 
     NO experience needed!

     About Qigong:
     * Qi-gong is done standing, but can be done in a chair. No special clothes needed.
     * The practice is gentle and anyone of any age or level of fitness can enjoy qigong. 
     * The movements are slow and meditative.
     * There is NO stress on the body or the joints.
     * Perfect exercise for seniors or anyone with limited mobilty/stiffness/stress/tension.  
     * Guaranteed to leave you feeling serene, peaceful and calm.

       Buy a class card or drop-in.


Tantric Meditation Course:
Tantric Meditation cultivates awareness across all aspects of human experience - including the body, thoughts and emotions. You'll learn techniques to focus and calm the mind and all it's contents, so you can experience the radiant beauty and deep peace within yourself. A variety of tools will be taught to direct your awareness and teach you to access wholenss any time you wish. 

     NO experience is necessary. 
     Suitable for new and continuing meditators alike.

     Fall Course Dates: September 21 - November 9
     Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm
     8 week course $120/person


     NO experience is necessary. 
     Suitable for new and continuing meditators alike.

     Please register at least one week before the course starts.


Please Note:  
Participants must register in advance for all coursesA minimum of six students are needed to run a course. Courses are non-refundable, non-tranferable and may not be shared.
Please see our 
policy page.

Drop-ins are discouraged, because courses progress sequentially week to week. 
Please contact us prior to course start date for special permission to drop-in to any course. 

Contact us.





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