Therapeutic Yoga

Have you've tried everything, but are still in pain?

If you've seen a doctor, chiropracter, physical therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and/or herbalist to relieve pain, without lasting results. You've come to the right place...

I can help you heal from chronic pain and speed recovery from injury or surgery. 
Your body is intelligent. It thrives on balance and knows how to heal. I'll teach you how to harness the healing power of your body, to speed recovery and get out of pain. With a keen eye, skillful hands, a working knowlege of alignment and biomechanics,and  a strong intuition culled from 20+ years of yoga instruction, I am confident that I can help you, too.

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Therapeutic Yoga Packages:

1) Yoga to The Rescue (monthly retainer): 
Get back on your feet and back into your life!

          This package is for people who:
          * recently sustained a minor injury (fall, sprain, twist or pull)
          * tweaked one part of their body (ankle, shoulder, wrist, neck)
          * prefer a month-to-month commitment

           Complementary Consultation
           Yoga to the Rescue Questionnaire   
           Yoga to the Rescue 3-Part Assessment*
           Yoga to the Rescue Customized Action Plan 
           4X Problem Solved Private Lessons (3X for first month)

           Feel Better Fast Follow-Up Calls
           Unlimited Email Support (for short questions)
           Photos & Videos (on your iphone)
           1 Emergency SOS Call      


2) "Pain-Free" Package (3-month)
Get out of pain, stay out of pain, and enjoy a life without pain.
The most popular therapeutic yoga package.

         This package will help you:
          * Address and shift a chronic pattern of pain
          * Relieve pain from misalignment or impingement.
          * Speed healing from a moderate injury (muscle pull, tendonitis, ligaments, small fracture)
          * Recover from a recent surgery (foot, knee, ACL, rotator cuff, shoulder) 

Generally, these type of issues take more than one month to adequately address. The body needs time to heal properly and old postural patterns take time to shift. Your custom package may include restorative poses, pranayama, meditation, prayer, chanting, Qi-gong, Reiki, or Cranio-Sacral treatments to insure your successful healing.

            Complimentary Consultation
            Yoga to the Rescue Questionnaire
            Yoga to the Rescue 3-Part Assessment*
            Customized Pain-Free Action Plan
            6 – Pain-Free Private Lessons, 2X month  
            6 – Pain-Free Follow-up Sessions, 2X month 

             1 - Track Your Progress Sheet 
6 - Pain-Free Home Practice Sequences, 2X month 
             3 - Stay Out of Pain End of Month Assessments 
             3 - Emergency Calls, 1X month  
             Posture Photos & videos (on your iphone)     
             1 - Celebrate Success Session
             Unlimited Email Support

3) "Back in Action" Package (6-month):
Deeper healing for body, mind and spirit after an accident or surgery.

          This package is designed to help you:
          * heal from a majory surgery (joint replacement, back/spine, open-heart, reproductive)
          * heal from a major injury (auto or sport accident)
          * transform chronic pain and adopt healthy new patterns of movement 
          * make a permenant physical shift by adding yoga into your daily life  

Generally, these type of issues take more than three months to adequately address. The body needs time to heal properly and old postural patterns take time to shift. Your custom package may include restorative poses, pranayama, meditation, prayer, chanting, Qi-Gong, Reiki or Cranio-Sacral sessions to insure your successful healing. 

            Complimentary Consultation
            Yoga to the Rescue Questionnaire
            Yoga to the Rescue 3-Part Assessment*
            Customized Back in Action Mastery Plan
            12 – Back in Action Private Lessons, 2X month  
            12 – Back in Action Follow-up Sessions, 2X month 

            1 - Track Your Progress Sheet 
 - Back in Action Home Practice Sequences, 2X month 
             6 - Monthly Master Assessments    
1 - Celebrate Success Session
             Posture Photos on your iphone    
             Unlimited Email Support

Testimonials: Success Stories from Happy Clients:
I helped these clients get out of pain, and I can help you, too.


After struggling with a herniated disc  in my lower back for 14 months, I enrolled in the Back Care Basics Course. The class was very specific to my problem. After 12 weeks of sticking with Lynne's Back Care program, I got off all pain meds and am completely pain-free!  
~ J.P. W., Tree Farmer, 58, Worthington                                                    

After my total hip replacement, I worked privately with Lynne. My surgeon gave me precautions and Lynne helped me interpret them safely. She was patient and knowledgeable. With her skill in anatomy and movement, my strength and mobilty returned. I am fully healed. I am so grateful to you.
~ Connie T., 68, Potter, Windsor

After my skiing accident, a year ago, I still had chronic aches and pain in my groin, lower back and sacrum. Lynne showed me exactly what to do to make those nagging little pains disappear. I am so much stronger and so much happier!   
~ Cynthia P., 56, Massage Therapist, Cummington

Lynne helped me get out of knee pain so I could get back to my regular cycling routine of 100+ miles. I had a bum knee that really hurt after riding only 10 miles, and my whole body ached from many years of carpentry. With Lynne's great instruction, I am 100% good to "go".  
~ Eli T., 58, Carpenter & Avid Cyclist 

I had debiltating back pain for many years. I recently completed Lynne's 3-month Therapeutic Yoga Package. The results I got were transformational, and far surpassed any chiropractic, PT and massage therapies I'd used for 40 years. Lynne motivated me and showed me how to relieve my debilitating back pain. All while maintaining a gentle, joyous, nurturing manner. Lynne is a gifted teacher; a master teacher in the science and art of yoga. I now live pain-free!   
~ David Marks, Elder Care Service  Provider  

It was more than fabulous working with you. It was the first big step toward normalcy and hope, after my car accident. The back pain prevented me from taking long walks and driving. Your sessions and meditations were amazing. You seemed to know exactly what I needed - not too much/not too little. After working together, my back pain completely disappeared. It was a miracle! I still do the exercises every day. I'm very, very grateful. You helped me heal.
~ Elise Young, professor, Northampton                                                 



 Can my Therapeutic Yoga packages help you?

Schedule a complimentary "Get Out of Pain" Breakthrough Session


*All Therpeutic Yoga Packages include:

Three Part Assessment:
          ~ structural (postural alignment and misalignment)
          ~ functional (muscle strength and imbalance)  
          ~ energetic  (breath, mind, emotions, intuition, spirit)
Custom At-Home Practice:
          ~ yoga postures selected to balance your specific issue
          ~ sequences designed to support your specific issue
          ~ pranayama/breath, meditation or other spiritual practices (as needed)
Alignment that Works:
          ~ easy to follow alignment instructions
          ~ use this alignment in all your daily activities
          ~ follow-up by phone, skype, email or in-person (depending on package)
          ~ ensures your understanding and progress



Cancellations: A full 24 hour notice is required to cancel any appointment.  
Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours and all "no shows" will be considered as if the lesson was held. Cancellations due to a real emergency will be rescheduled.

Refunds/Transfer: Our packages, once contracted and paid, are not refundable and are not transferable. Clients are responsible for full payment of any 3 month or 6 month package that is paid in monthly installments.

In-Home Lessons: If you are unable to travel to Prakasa Yoga studio for private lessons, due to illness, or after surgery, you may arrange to take classes by Skype.

Can Therapeutic Yoga help you?
Schedule a complimentary "Get Out of Pain" Breakthrough Session


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