Our Studio

We designed and built Prakasa Yoga Studio with our own four hands. We are very proud of the space we created and the healing it provides to all who come.


When you step into the sanctuary you will feel the intention and care that we poured into every phase of construction; you will feel the love we infused into each and every corner of the studio and outside in the organic gardens.

New Logo

Our new logo was designed by Melanie Jolicoeur, Jolicoeur Designs, Plainfield, MA. The logo has twelve rays and twelve lotus petals which symbolize the heart chakra. It is here in the heart chakra that the Light of Consciousness resides. We built our 12-sided studio to represent the heart center so you can experience the light and love residing within your own heart.   Thanks Melanie (aka Uma).

Prakasa is the "light that flows forth".

Prakasa is the process through which the One Source unfolds from nothing into everything. 
This intelligent energy manifests in all forms of reality from the simplest (pulse of life in the nucleus of a single cell) to the most complex (human being). The essence of Source is the Light of Pure Consciousness. It is the most exquisite white-gold light imaginable. At the center of our solar system sits the sun with its own bright life-giving energy. Life cannot exist without the sun. The essence of every human being is made of this same light - the pure Light of Awareness and the radiant light of the sun. Humans cannot live without Love and Light. In fact, we thrive in presence of Light and Love.

Prakasa is the power of Universal Pure Consciousness to illuminate our individual awareness. Just like the "aha" moment when we remember something important. Pure Consciousness is a living energy which has the power to reveal its Light and Love within every human. Its nature is described as a vibrant, pulsating, resplendent, brilliant, scintillating light. It is often called Love. This pure light of love resides within the human heart. It can be either dormant or awake. All yogic practices seek to awaken this Light of Consciousness which will in turn illuminate the consciousness of an individual.

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