Success Stories from people we've helped get out of pain and stay out of pain.

TESTAMONIALS from the heart...

"At the end of a footpath, in the woodlands of Goshen, is the peaceful and beautiful twelve-sided Prakasa Yoga Studio. During a fitness class, we stopped to watch a red fox run across the snow. On warm summer days, we practice outside on the deck while the birds sing to us." 
"Heavenly." ~ Nancy Smith, Worthington, MA, retired hygienist

"Yoga is an essential part of my daily life; I've practiced for 30 years,     at a variety of studios. At Prakasa, I've gone deeper and gained a       new level of ease in my body. Lynne is a rare and gifted teacher!"  
~ Susan Kohler-Gray, Florence, MA, Organizational Consultan

"Prakasa is beautiful and inspiring. I love to walk the forest path, practice on the lovely cork floors, and look through the skylight dome up to the sky. Everything about Prakasa promotes peace and well-being." ~ Connie Talbot, potter   
"Prakasa Yoga Studio is a sublime experience. My teacher, Lynne Paterson, is caring and highly experienced. The studio is warm and inspiring. My weekly yoga class paired with a ten minute home practice keeps my joints supple, balance stable, and spirits centered. Lynne gives special attention to my shifting needs. And I am free to develop at my own pace. What a pleasure."
~ Fran Henry, published author

"Thank you for the Cold Buster Workshop. Honestly, it came in the nick of time! I have used both the tonic and the decongest tea this week at the onset of a bad cold. It made all the difference. 
It's like magic!!  ~ Dawn Scarapotti 

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