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Seminar: Ho-Hum Health to Vibrant Health
"I listened to your program, which was so well done. Clear, substantive, with such a comfortable and wise delivery style. Makes me smile." Dr. Jane Y. Lunt
(FYI: this recording starts at the 1:30 minute mark.)

Interview: Vibrant Living Summit: The Path to a Pain-Free Life
Enjoy this lively interview with Lynne Paterson and Lisa Meisels that looks at the connections between our modern chronically out-of-balance lifestyle with chronic pain and chronic disease.

Seminar: 5 Secrets to Get & Stay Out of Pain
Lynne's seminar explores 5 secrets that doctors don't know that will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. Lynne lays out the holistic approach that she developed and used to overcome a decade of intense chronic sciatic pain. (This recording starts at the 1:45 minute mark, so please be patient.)

Seminar: The Biggest Secret to Feel Fabulous at Any Age
This seminar addresses something so common in our health care system that no one seems to notice, no one talks about and most people overlook. Discover the
 big secret: It's simple; it's effective.

Go Green: 
Vibrant Health in 30 Day


Go Green Course Includes:
Lesson #1: Evolve Your Diet - Plant & Human Consciousness
Lesson #2: Kitchen Magic
- Eat more greens in smoothies, salads, sprouts
Lesson #3: Super
 Nutrition - Diversify your diet - garden, farm, forage
Lesson #4: Total Reboot - A natural approach to weight loss, allergies, menopause, chronic pain, inflammation and more.

BONUS #1: Delicious E-Recipes
BONUS #2: Synergy of Foods, Boost Nutrition Now - Interview with Katherine Miller,
                    Master Whole Foods Chef, and Living Foods Educator

Total Value: $175
Special Online Price: $75


"Go Green radically changed my understanding of food and nourishment for myself and our planet. Personally, I feel calmer. I'm finally able to determine when I'm hungry vs. when I choose to eat what my mind desires. I'm definitely a work in progress and know that it will take "practice" to integrate this knowledge. I plan to continue taking Lynne's classes. I'm very grateful."               - Rochelle, PT, Goshen, MA.

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