Sacred Sound Healing Circles

Join our spiritually conscious community for powerful sound healing events.

Sacred Sound Healing Circles
Monthly @ Full Moon 


What is Sacred Sound Healing?
Sacred sound healing circles are powerful events designed to create a container space for you to set personal intentions, and experience personal and collective healing. The circles provide a safe atmosphere conducive to states of deep relaxation where pent up tension and stress dissolve and are replaced with a sense of renewal, peace, bliss. In a quiet state, your central nervous system resets as your body absorbs the healing tones and frequencies of multiple instruments including Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Koshi chimes, rattles, drums, flute. These instrruments are tuned to 440HZ or 432Hz to draw you into a state of deep stillness and peace, where profound healing can occur.  

Participants love to recline on a yoga mat in savasana or a restorative position, cocooned with blankets. Some participants sit to meditate on the sound waves. Either way, the position is up to you. We provide mats, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows and chairs. If you need more than two blankets, please bring them. 

Specific harmonic frequencies and vibrations of sound are scientifically proven heal the physical body, and repair human DNA. Harmonics will open one's Consciousness to higher realms, thus expanding one's understanding of reality. Alchemical experiences, such as visions, the presence of deeply departed loved ones, or beings/guides from other dimensions are not uncommon and provide additional benefit.

Sound Healing Circles will help you: 

     * Traverse the 'inner landscape' accessing personal wisdom and insight           
     * Uproot and release negatively charged emotions and stuck energy 
     * Reconnect to your innate God-Nature and Soul-Self     
     * Experience subtle states of awareness and the cohesive biofield  
     * Deep relax, unwind tension, dissolve stress, experience peace 

How does sound healing work?
Pure Unlimited Consciousness manifests into creation through a process of "spanda" - the pulsation of Source Energy/Love/Light that vibrates through all time and space. Every form in the universe exists as a unique blend of expansive and condensed particles of energy. We experience spanda as the beating of our heart, the movement of our breath, and the waves of our thoughts.

When we think, speak, sing, or act, it is Consciousness itself that vibrates within our being. When we cultivate inner awareness and sensitivity, we more directly experience this energy as the pulsation of life (spanda). Depending on its resonance, rhythm and density sound can be destructive or regenerative. Modern research has proved that sound can damage or repair DNA. For example, heavy metal and rock music disrupt the strands of DNA, while classical music and chants heal them. The difference is in frequency, resonance and vibration of the sound. During sound healings, specific tones are used intentionally to clarify, dislodge blocked energy, then nourish the subtle space within your being.  Even if we do not understand how sound heals, we certainly experience that it does! In the same way that sounds of nature, like birdsong or water trickling, create a peaceful harmonious feeling inside you sound healing ulltimately soothes the nerves and nourishes the soul.

Join us for the next Sacred Sound Healing event.

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