Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse is an opportunity to lighten up your body, mind, emotions.


 Welcome to Spring Cleanse!!
 Use the following charts and guidelines to make your transition to cleansing a safe and  enjoyable experience! Remember we are not only cleansing the colon and liver, all the  organs benefit from giving the digestive system a rest by eating and living simply. As  the body flushes toxins and undigested waste, you may feel cranky or irratible at first,  but in a few days, you'll feel fantastic and energized because the channels of your body  will be open and the prana will flow so much better. 

 Expect bright eyes, sharpened senses, deeper self-awareness, clear skin, happy mood

 1) Start Cleanse Here

  2) Five Best Foods for Detox

  3) Seven Day Cleanse Made Easy Chart

  4) Cleanse Essentials - Incorporate as much of this as possible.
      If you are unfamilair with types of breathing - just sit and breathe deeply for several         minutes each day (upon rising or before bed).

  5) Best Detox Go-To Recipes

  6) Great Salads for Your Dosha

  7) Dosha Shopping List and Shopping by Dosha (expanded)

  8) Green Juice Recipes - For each dosha!

  9) Spring Cleanse Protocols - More details and more recipes.

  10) Ghee Protocol  - More detailed explanation, if you want to do it.

       Yoga Detox Videos:
 I recommend starting with the standing pose class and following classes in        order listed. You are also welcome to repeat a class or mix & match. 

       Day 1: Standing Poses - Get your 'downward flow' game on!!

       Day 2: Basic Backbends - Energize your body.

       Day 3: Twists - Squeeze out toxins.

        Day 4: Seated Poses - Ground your energy.

        Day 5: Restorative Poses - Rest and rejuvenate your body.


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