Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Concerts and Sound Healing Circles will soothe your nerves, relax your body, remove stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Sound Healing

How does sound healing work?
Pure Unlimited Consciousness comes into creation through "spanda", the pulsation of complementary opposite energies that vibrate through time and space. Everything in the universe exists as a unique blend of fast/expansive and slow/condensed moving particles of energy. We can experience spanda in the beat of our heart, the movement of breath (inhale/exhale) and the wave of continual thought.

When we think, speak or sing, Consciousness vibrates within our being and within in our body as energy. When we cultivate inner awareness and sensitivity, we can directly experience Consciousness as "spanda", the life force pulsing through us. Depending on its resonance, rhythm and density sound can be destructive or regenerative. Loud discordant music or sound can blow out the ear drums, while peaceful harmonious sound can soothe the nerves and soul. Modern scientists have studied sound waves and determined which sounds heal and which sounds destroy the delicate DNA strands that make up our physical body.

Crystal Bowl Concerts with Auriel Morgana  
Sacred Sound Healing Circles w/Joa Agnello-Traista

These events provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for participants to fully relax and release stored up negative or destructive energies and fully absorb the healing tones and vibrations. Joa's offers her angelic vocal range through both improvised vocal toning and traditional sacred chants to lead you into a state of deep stillness and peace, where profound healing can occur. In addition to her beautiful voice Joa uses both crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and drums to invoke sacred space. Her accompanists add guitar, flute and other rhythms to deepen the sonic landscape.

Most participants love to enjoy this event in a reclined or restorative position, complete with eye pillows and blankets to stay cozy. Other participants love to sit and meditate on the sounds. It is really up to you. We have yoga mats, blankets and eye pillows for everyone. If you like lots of blankets, please bring some along with you.

RSVP $25/person or $40/couple
Tickets at the door. First come basis. 
(We never turn people away for lack of funds. Please let us know if your finances are truly limited.)

Note: We do not sell tickets online for these events. 


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