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Happy Thanksgiving: Give the Gift of Oneness

As we gather with friends and family this Thanksgiving weekend, let’s boldly hold hands with each other, take a few deep heartfelt breathes and reclaim our connection to one another.

You are a sacred sovereign human being!
Everyone seated at your table is a sacred sovereign human being. And every person, no matter where they live or what they believe, is also a sacred sovereign human being. Why even the earth is a living sacred  being.
I believe it’s the most important moment in human history to recognize and acknowledge the Divine Light, Sacred Love, and Holy Spirit which shines through the heart of every man, woman and child - as the most precious asset we have. And the most nourishing gift we can bestow upon one another.
As we direct our attention to the Love & Light within our hearts, let’s radiate its essence into the world. When we do, we uplift ourselves,  each other, and all sentient beings on this sacred planet, including the Earth herself.
Perhaps, we might recall that before we assumed any particular guise  we - first and foremost – came into this lifetime as a holy human being!!
Before differentiating into a man or woman, a liberal or conservative, a religious person or spiritualist, a democrat or communist, straight or LGBTQ, white or BIPOC, a vaccinated or unvaccinated person – we were (and still are) ALL born of the same Holy Spirit with a human soul. Together, we comprise One Human Family.
From the shared experience of pandemic – I imagine that by now most humans realize how they’re connected to one another through the most basic experience of being alive – breathing. On the physical level, the act of respiration is to breathe again and again. In spiritual context, to respire is the desire and action of God/Spirit* (Spiros) to return to the physical body over and over from birth to death. If we imagine the same One Spirit breathing through us all, animating our lives, could we understand that no matter where on earth we live, we all breathe the same air? Would it then be possible to see, in essence, we have never been separate, nor could ever be separate from the Holy Spirit or from one another. Truly we are All One People.
The perception of our external differences - be they gender, ethnicity or politics - cause so much conflict in this world, creating an “us and them” paradigm or a “me versus you” mindset.
But imagine, if you can or will, this simple notion:
Our differences are meant to add color, texture and depth to our lives – to brighten the palate and make this sacred life, more sacred! Distinction is not meant to widen the gap between us. It is meant to challenge us to grow beyond our limited beliefs!
Might we then use our human capacity for imagination, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude to honor our differences, preferences and choices? Could we choose to “paint” a more beautiful work of art with kinder thoughts, words and actions each day? Masterful art that draws us closer together by honoring the needs of each individual within the needs of the collective – rather than pushing us further apart by asserting collective rights above individual rights?
When an individual person feels recognized, respected and appreciated, for who they are and for the choices they make, their heart blossoms adding more Light to the collective whole.
All Souls arise from the same “All One Source Love Light” matrix. We are the body of God, the hands of God, the hearts of God, the mind of God...even the tears of God.
As human beings our individual sovereignty is non-negotiable, our sacred divinity irrevocable. We each have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And according to Universal Law,, the most primary and precious relationship anyone can feed is the one between themselves, as an individual, and the Godhead.
Our humanity is our most blessed asset – more precious than any material wealth or possession. Our humanity arises before we assume roles and beliefs. As we break bread, carve a turkey, pass potatoes and pie let's remember to pass along our own blessing by making more room in our hearts for people’s uniqueness and to honor each person as the Supreme Being that they are...and that you are.

I hope and pray that we use this celebration of gratitude putting our "fear of death difference" aside and opening our hearts up wider than ever before. Choosing to gather in the Spirit of Oneness and Unity.

Peace & Harmony,
*I love to use God/Goddess/Spirit/Mystery/One/All/Love/Light/Christ/Void/Source/Supreme Consciousness/Creator interchangeably. The more words to describe this Universal Intelligence the better. What’s your favorite term for this indescribable power?

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