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Group Coaching Programs for women who want to evolve their health and wellbeing.

Younger AS You Age Group Wellness Coaching Program: 
From Frazzled to Fabulous - Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Enhance Self Care 

6 Month Coaching Program for Women:
Module 1: Self Care, Self Love
Retreat day - Saturday January 25
Mindset of healthy change, radical self love, basics of self care.
Weekly coaching calls: Friday Feb. 3, 10, 24

Module 2:
Retreat day - Saturday Feb 25
Weekly coaching calls: Friday March 3, 10 , 17

Module 3:
Retreat day - Saturday March 25
Weekly coaching calls: Friday  April 7, 14, 21 

Module 4:
Retreat day - April 29
Spring Cleanse select and preparation.
Weekly coaching calls: Friday 

Module 5: Maintain
Module 6: Summer Bonus


 "Supremely Satisfying Sleep, Naturally" Group Wellness Program:
Make friends with sleep - without potions, pills or meds. Adjust your daily habits and routines in ways that support deeper sleep and help you stay healthy through the Fall and Winter seasons. 'Cuz we know how much better we feel after a good night's sleep!

3 Month Program: September - November 2017
      ~ 3 group workshops (3 hour, live and in-person)
      ~ 7 group coaching calls on a toll-free conference line
      ~ private facebook page
      ~ accountability partners
      ~ weekly motivational emails

Lots of B

      ~ look forward to bedtime, instead of dreading it
      ~ fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer
      ~ wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead
      ~ increased physical energy and mental clarity
      ~ enhanced productivity at work
      ~ overall increase in health and happiness ('cuz you can sleep)
      ~ identify the worst habits that keep you up 
      ~ make wiser choices (when to say yes or no)
      ~ nourishing self care rituals, conducive to deep sleep
      ~ supportive community of people like you
      ~ learn to reduce stress and create calm 
      ~ say goodbye to sleeping pills and booze
      ~ enjoy deeper sleep, naturally, night after night 

Course Dates & Description: 

MODULE 1: Daily Rhythms
Saturday, October 1 (1pm-4pm) 
In this kick-off workshop we'll set the stage for transformation and deeper sleep, by discussing how detrimental habits chase sleep away. We'll examine how to bring our lifestyle into balance with circadian rhythms. I'll outline the week-to-week strategies for the first month. Then we'll dive in deep to what issues keep us from sleeping well. We'll access current habits, commit to new habits and select accountability partners for the duration of the course.

Module 1 Coaching Calls: 
Fridays Oct 7, 14, 21  (12pm-1pm)
Each Monday, you'll receive an email reminding you to enact the 'new habit of the week".
On the Friday's listed above, we'll checkin by phone (free conference line provided) to advise, inspire, troubleshoot and reap the benefits of community support.
(Note: All coaching calls are recorded for your convenience.)

MODULE 2: Soothing Evening Routines
Saturday, October 29  (1pm-4pm)
We'll begin to use natural methods to induce deeper sleep, and talk strategies on how to address a sleepless night in a healthy way, without falling back into old paterns. You'll experiment with different methods to discover which ones work best for you and come away with a 'toolbox' of useful practices that you can apply long after the course ends.

Module 2 Coaching Calls: 
Fridays Nov 4, 11, 18  (12pm-1pm)
Thanksgiving weekend, you'll be let loose to apply what you've learned.
(Note: All coaching calls are recorded for your convenience.)

MODULE 3: "Triage" for A Sleepless Night 
Saturday, Dec 3 @ 1-3pm
I'll share my personal methods for getting through a "bad night" and how to manage your energy the next day. We'll discuss healthy strategies for the holidays, and talk about how you can continue to improve your sleep habits.
Coaching Call: Friday, Dec 9 (12-1pm)

Register Today:
1) Full Payment: $797  
  Full Payment Bonus: Receive one private laser-coaching session (20 min) with Lynne


3) Payment Plan: 3 payments of $350.

Payment Plan Total $1,050


Enrollment closes September 15, 2017
Don't miss this opportunity to feel nourished, boost your immunity and heal by cultivating a satisfying evening routine that will attract sleep.

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Additional Services: 
Private coaching lazer session (15 minutes) may be added when you need extra help.
Discounted fee of $55/session for participants (during the course only).

Additional Information:
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